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Our Story

      PrettyLitter Mission

The PrettyLitter Mission

We're here to help take some of the stress out of cat parenting, so you can focus on what matters most -- living a long and happy life together.

Daniel Rotman Founder & CEO

Our Story

I’ve been an avid pet lover my whole life. Growing up, my dad was always bringing pets into the house-- birds, dogs, a goat, you name it. The pet that I was always closest with was Gingi, an adorable orange tabby my sister gave me for my 10th birthday. Gingi was by my side when I went through middle and high school, when I left home for college, and when I got my first apartment as a young adult. We grew up together.

One day, I noticed that Gingi quickly went from purring to being lethargic and refusing to eat. I rushed her to the vet and awaited the results of a urinalysis and blood test. I was crushed to learn that Gingi had been harboring a terminal illness for many months. Thousands of dollars and many vet procedures later, we were able to extend her life by 6 months. Ultimately this heartbreaking experience illuminated the fact that cats are stoic and hide illness by nature, only until they’re in so much pain they can’t hide it anymore.

I sought to create something that helps cat owners be more proactive in their cat’s health. PrettyLitter is created to give cat parents a proactive tool into their cat’s health and peace of mind knowing through early detection if your cat is experiencing a potential health issue. Our goal is to get your cat care before urgent medical attention is needed, saving you money, stress, and potentially your fur baby’s life.

Daniel Rotman Founder & CEO

The PrettyLitter Difference

      PrettyLitter Experience

The PrettyLitter Difference

Our litter is made with lightweight silica gel that helps detect early illness in cats. Learn more about how it works.


“[Ziggy's] litter started turning blue... I took him in, and sure enough, he had a blockage! Thankfully, the emergency vet said we caught it early enough that there was no kidney damage, which can be fatal."

Ziggy had absolutely no other symptoms, so without Pretty Litter, I would have never known something was wrong with him. Needless to say, I will be a user for life! It was also nice to hear my boyfriend say, "wow...I guess that litter was a good investment after all.”

Katie W.

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