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With cute snoring and a squishy little nose, flat-faced cats are undeniably adorable. These cats are also undeniably paw-pular. Whether you've got one at home, on your birthday wish list, or on your Instagram feed, these squishy cat faces are everywhere. Since flat-faced felines are becoming more popular as pets, here are some health factors to consider if you're thinking about bringing one home.
In 2019, cats and dogs living together isn't taboo like it used to be. In old cartoons, they were each other's worst enemy, but nowadays they can be the best of friends. Like brother and sister, pet siblings may have days when they're the best of friends, and other days when they seem like rivals. What do you do if your feline friend sees your other precious pets as prey (or competition for attention) rather than siblings? What if your dog is bothering your cat? Here are a few solutions, including kitty-proof enclosures for your small critters and getting your little ones involved.
Every cat mom and dad knows that keeping your home - especially your floors - squeaky clean with a fur baby around isn’t the simplest task. You love them, but they wreak havoc on those hardwoods. The kicker is that the products you’re using to clean those icky floors may not be safe for your little one. It’s important to know when choosing the products to clean your home what’s okay and not okay for your kitty to be around.
One of the cutest cat characteristics is the unique language they speak. Whether it's a brush of the leg in the purr-fect greeting or a "back off" yowl, cat noises have many translations. Knowing when your cat is in the mood for lovin' or is more likely to bite your arm off can be quite a puzzle to figure out, but it isn't impossible. Let's crack the cat code and translate your cat's frequently used words and noises.
It's easy to overlook routine preventative care – we're all guilty of forgetting to book our own doctors' appointments, let alone Fluffy's. Cat vomiting, changes in behavior, and loss of appetite are just a few irregularities to keep in mind when visiting the vet. Let's break down cat wellness visits, what they are, and when to take your cat in for hers.

If you've ever been a witness to your fur baby using your kitchen faucet as her own personal cat water fountain, you're not alone. While you may have thought your kitty was an odd ball for lapping up water from the spout, this oddity has been reported by other cat parents.

For many, the first day of school can be exciting, for others it can be nerve-wracking. If only your kiddos could take their best feline friend to school with them. Since you can't pack your fur baby in your kid's backpack, send your little human back to school with this printer-friendly list of cat facts for kids.
Summer break's the purr-fect time to lounge by the pool, turn off the alarm, and reset from the hectic schedule of the school year. And, while these long, hot days seem never-ending, back-to-school is right around the corner. Thankfully, incredible teachers are getting ready to once again fill young brains with cat facts (ahem, knowledge).
During the summer months, pet parents need to be extra attentive to their outdoor cat. Even if she normally loves basking in the sun, your fur baby needs to stay hydrated and not overheat. Even though Fluffy is pretty adept at cooling herself down, there are several ways you can help your sweet kitty beat the heat this summer!
If you've experienced the joys of a drooling dog or the wet kisses of a teething toddler, one of your favorite things about your feline fur baby may be her lack of constant saliva. This doesn’t mean she’s immune to a little slobber, but if you’ve recently thought, "my cat is drooling a lot more these days," it could be time for Fluffy to get a check up.
In many communities, a feral cat becomes a community cat when several neighbors band together to care for the fur baby. Community cats don’t belong to anyone in particular, and while they may not always be suited to a permanent home, they do need the love and care of the neighborhood to survive their street lives.
Cats are undoubtedly the crowned champions of internet distractions. Hilarious kitty memes and goofy cat stories fill up your feed and provide the purr-fect excuse to not check that email or clean your kitchen. These cool cats and their crazy antics provide a smile even on the dreariest of days.

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