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When you first learn that high blood pressure in cats is indeed a thing, your imagination may lead you to think of your beloved cat sitting in a vet's waiting room with that dreaded velcro cuff strapped around his hind leg. Truth be told, your imagination isn't that far off. High blood pressure in cats is relatively common among older cats, but with proper screening, it can be easily detected and treated.
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If you want to do something special for her to thank her for being your best furry friend, gift your cat with her own little getaway: a unique cat perch. Cat beds are cool n' all, but with easy DIY projects and custom-designed cat furniture, why not spoil your furry friend?
Adopting a cat means giving a new life and new opportunities for comfort, health, and happiness to a feline in need. Some kitties who are up for adoptions have such sad, challenged histories, and yet every feline friend is just waiting for that day when they get to settle into a loving forever home. All a homeless cat really needs is another chance at life. Thankfully, there are many cat rescue organizations around the country that are doing whatever it takes to save the lives of our feline friends.

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