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Have You Tried A Cat Litter Subscription? Well It's Time You Do

cat in prettylitter
Did you realize that you can easily sign up for a monthly cat litter subscription?

That's right, every month - new fresh cat litter is waiting at your front door. And it only gets better from there...

But first - if you own a cat, you need good cat litter. 

That's a no-brainer.
But, you also need cat litter which is good quality, will last a long time, and won't keep putting out a terrible smell.
These should be no-brainers as well, but every cat owner has been let down at some stage.
Plus, is there anything more annoying than having to buy cat litter?

Shopping for cat litter is pretty boring. Lifting and carrying heavy bags is not fun.

Don't carry the weight. Let it come to you.

delivery man

Does this sound familiar? You're at the supermarket with a full shopping cart when your brain decides to chime in with: “...oh, by the way, don't forget to grab that gigantic 40-pound bag of the cat's special toilet sand!
There should be a better way. Cat litter that never runs out. Cat litter which completely absorbs all the bad smells, and doesn't need changing all the time. Cat litter that can even tell you when your cat is sick – wouldn't that be a life changer?

Well, luckily for you, we happen to be in the business of changing lives.

(for humans and cats)
We'll deliver a very small bag of cat litter right to your front door

Once a month. Every month.
It's as easy as that.

How does it work you say? Well, it's ridiculously simple...

First, tell us how many cats you have. Then tell us the address where the cats live.

That's it.

…no really, that's it.

Then once a month, every month, a fresh new bag of PrettyLitter will arrive at your front door. A tiny bag too; it's only 4-pounds per cat – and then all you need to do is fill your kitty litter box at the start of the month.


Thanks to a very clever formula, PrettyLitter doesn't clump - but rather it completely absorbs moisture and odor. This means you won't even need to change your kitty litter box as the month goes on.

Cat Litter That Also Keeps An Eye On Your Cat's Health


Is this the world's best cat litter? Well, that's not for us to say.
But yes, yes it is.
Cats are clever, private little creatures. One of their hallmarks is that they are notorious for hiding illness and pain – which goes back to their days from living in the wild.
The last thing any cat owner wants is for their little fur baby to be hiding a medical problem. PrettyLitter actually changes color to help identify common illnesses, such as kidney or bladder infections. This is great news for your furry friends, and can also take the stress out of worrying about your cat's health.

People love PrettyLitter almost as much as cats love naps.


Cat owners don't say things like: “This is the best cat litter I've ever used” lightly, but luckily this is something that we're getting used to hearing:
I love this product. I have never found another litter that works so well and gives me peace of mind also.”
I’ve been using the litter for 3 days now and I truly love it! I cannot smell either of my litter boxes anymore!”
I like the convenience of having litter delivered & I also like that this litter absorbs the liquids, so it makes cleaning the litter box easy!”
Well, by now, we're sure you know all about PrettyLitter and how our monthly subscription works.
Are you ready to try the world's best cat litter? All you need to do is click here to get started.

You can sign up within minutes, and before you know it your first bag will be sitting at the front door.

 Questions? Just click here to get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.


Don't forget to follow us on Instagram: @prettylittercats


new bag photo

Delivered straight to your front door, every month. We’ll even pay your shipping.

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Get started now.

Join other happy cats and their owners who are using PrettyLitter!

I Want PrettyLitter
"I can't believe how spoiled I've become with this litter. It makes dealing with cat excrement so much easier! I love Pretty Litter. A lot."
G. Gregory, Angier N.C.

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