Cat Litter Crystals: The Facts

cat in crystal litter

If you’ve been wondering what cat litter crystals are, you’re not alone. Many people puzzle over the best cat litter to buy for their feline companions, and often that’s because they just don’t have all the facts. Are cat litter crystals safe? Are cat litter crystals better than clay-based litter? What about wood-based litter? Let’s answer some of those questions today.

Cat Litter Crystals: The Tidy Option

Clay based litter clumps, dries, then produces grey dust. Your kitty picks up clay dust on their paws and treads it all around your lovely, clean home. Pine cat litter is in pellets which cats tend to burrow in and kick all over. Then when moist, it turns into a weird mush that can be tricky to scoop and clean. Cat litter crystals are winning in the clean charts, because they don’t clump, which makes it easier to scoop out the solids. The crystals actually absorb and eliminate odor, so the tray doesn’t need to be emptied as often, reducing your daily chore list! Crystal litter produces less dust, keeping your home cleaner and tidier.

Cat Litter Crystals: The Safer Option

crystal litter with scooper

The additional benefit of crystal litter producing less dust is that it’s kinder to people with allergies. It can also even prevent cats developing asthma, and is certainly easier on the lungs of those animals who already have asthma.

Clay-based cat litter has special chemicals added which cause the clay to clump when it comes into contact with your cat’s urine. This is supposed to make it easier to scoop, but those chemicals can actually be harmful to your cat. This is because your cat licks their paws after a visit to the tray, and the clay dust they lick off can expand in their tummies and intestines. Crystal cat litter is entirely non-toxic and has no such clumping or expanding chemicals. Your cat is at no risk from licking cat litter crystals, which gives you peace of mind as a responsible pet owner.

Cat litter crystals are also super light, because their made of silica gel. This means it’s safer for your back and knees too!

Cat Litter Crystals: The Greener Option

crystal cat litter

It’s so important we look after our environment. Cat litter is one of those unavoidable consumables that we need to keep our kitties clean and healthy. But do we need to be changing the cat litter every few days? With clay-based litter which clumps, you might find you need to empty and refill the tray at least this often. Pine cat litter might last a bit longer before needing to be changed, and because it’s sourced from by-products of the wood industry, it’s possibly a greener option than clay cat litter, but cat litter crystals win this round too.

A good crystal-based cat litter only needs to be fully changed around once a month. This means a lower carbon footprint, as it’s less trips to the grocery store or less deliveries if you’re on a subscription service like PrettyLitter. Because less cat litter is used, less energy is used in the production of cat litter, which is also great for the environment.

Cat litter crystals could be the future of cat litter; cleaner, greener and better for your cat. Give us your views in the comments!


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Christine Whitt
Christine Whitt


4 Responses

Rai Cornell
Rai Cornell

February 11, 2020

Hey there @Dianna – It’s best that you get your cat to your veterinarian if your cat regularly eats crystals.

Eating crystals can be an early indicator of a possible medical condition. In fact, eating or chewing on non-food items is called pica. While most cats choose to nibble on plastic, other cats may choose other things. Here’s an article on feline pica with plastic:

Be sure to keep an eye out for irregular symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea and make sure to mention your observations to your vet.

We’re sending positive vibes your way.

Dianna Rejman
Dianna Rejman

January 13, 2020

I’ve been using Crystal litter for many years because it is cleaner and has less smell. I used to use sawdust before it came on the market. Then when that became hard to source I tried the clay clumping litter once. PEEEYUEWE! Never again!
Crystal litter is easy to scoop the poop out and flush down the loo daily. The wet stuff just sinks to the bottom and is absorbed by the crystals, without the nasty smell, for 30 days and sometimes longer.
Having said all this positive stuff in favour of Crystal Litter
I have a problem I need help with. My cat, who never has health problems and eats, premium, nutritionally balanced cat food, and has her vaccinations and worm and flea treatments regularly and on time; has started to eat the Crystals! Is this something that other cats do? Is it dangerous and what should I do about it?


November 22, 2019

My crystal litter lasts a long time as I wash it fortnightly in several rinses of water with loo detergent / bleach / vinegar (any or all of them), dry on newspapers in the sun & reuse repeatedly with no problems. My litter tray also has a sieve layer and under this I put a thick wad of newspapers with baking soda which absorbs a lot of the pee & pong.


September 27, 2019

Holy Cheeseballs… Where have I been? I just purchased my first bag of Pretty Litter and to be honest, I had NO idea what this litter could do. I bought it when I saw you didn’t have to change the litter so often (I have FOUR cats) And quite honestly, it gets SUPER expensive so I thought I’d give it a try. When I got home, I quickly dumped the old litter and cleaned the boxes to put in the new Pretty Litter. I stood up and found myself confused… how does this actually work? So I took to the website and found this page. I’m blown away with what I just found… if this works… you now have a customer for life. It was waaaaay more expensive than the other litter upfront but if I don’t have to change it so often… I’m SOLD. Thank you for this simple, and easy to understand guide! I’m excited to see it in action ^^

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