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As cat owners, you know that sometimes your kitty finds the carpet to be a more appealing place than the cat’s litter box to take care of his business. But have you ever wondered why? Getting to the root of the issue can help you solve this frustrating problem.
As a new cat owner, you might be wondering how often should I change cat litter. You don't want to be wasteful and change it too often, but you don't want to leave it too long and be left with an unsavory reminder or an unhealthy environment for your cat.

Pet parents ask us this question all the time: what is the best cat food to feed my fur baby?

And we get it. You do so much to care for your little one and balanced cat diets are one of the biggest factors of all that affects your cat's health.

Your kitty is cute, cuddly, and clean — most of the time. As a cat owner, you know that even the most adorable feline needs to handle her business now and then. After all, it’s your responsibility to clean up the cat’s litter when she’s done. That can stink (literally!), but finding the right litter and getting familiar with cat litter box tips and tricks can make a better experience for both you and your c
You might've heard about the heroic doggos saving koalas in the terrible bush fires of Australia, but canines aren't the only ones that lend a helping paw. Some cool cats play the part of hero, too. We've found six stories of kitties who went above and beyond to help their fellow animal friends to remind you that felines don't just love their humans. They put their kitty intelligence to good use to save other creatures from everything from abandonment to fires.
If you think that polydipsia might translate to "multiple dips" you’d be pretty much correct – as in multiple dips from the water dish. This dipsy sounding word refers to constant or excessive drinking as a result of thirst, which may indicate an underlying health condition.
In celebration of Valentine's Day, we can give our feline friends some extra love this season. Whether it's a savory treat or a new toy, the gift possibilities are endless. Here are some kitty behaviors that show your cat's love for you, along with a few ways that you can make him feel special this Valentine's. I love cats. You love cats. We all love cats.
Cats are known to be fiercely independent. As a result, many human companions find them mysterious and aloof. Many cat owners even wonder, "Does my cat love me?" Well, our kitties may not be as introverted as they seem. Most cats, it turns out, do feel safe and comforted in the presence of their owner. Here's how you can confirm whether you and your fur baby share a secure attachment.
After a woman recently mistook a kitten she rescued for a regular ol' domestic cat – that turned out to be a puma! (True story.) – the internet began wondering... What is the difference between our domestic feline friends and their big cat ancestors? And at what age can you start to notice a difference?
Despite our best efforts to always find our fur babies cute and adorable, it can be pretty disgusting when Kitty retches up a hairball – especially if you step on that nasty ball of fur and stomach contents in the middle of the night! But as a pet parent, you know occasional hairballs are just part of having a magnificent feline in your life. But what if Kitty is hawking them up daily? Is that normal? Or is it a sign that Fluffy needs to visit the vet? Here's what you need to know about hairballs and how you can help Kitty to live a healthier, hairball-free life.
Here are a few things you should know about essential oils, including a list of harmful household scents you need to watch out for. To help you keep your home smelling not like a litter box, we've also put together a list of non-toxic alternatives you can use in order to keep your little feline safe while you freshen up your home.
Let's face it — we use smartphones, smart clocks, smart lights, and other smart devices of all sorts every day. Why not invest in the best cat toys for your best friend? From a smart robot companion to a cat feeder that digitally connects to your kitty's microchip, cat parents are saying hello to a whole new world of smart cat toys.

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